Terms of Use

The following document contains the condition that every Yazılımyol customer accepts at the time of purchase. These terms apply to your use of our service and all purchases made at our store, including but not limited to: online sales, telephone sales, email sales or in person.

1: In product sales

1.1: To purchase any product in our store, you must complete the checkout process and complete the payment successfully.

1.2: You can buy any product available in our store. Anyone can order any product listed here, there are no other restrictions.

1.3: For retail sales the product is always the same as stated in the catalogue. We reserve the right to change prices at our discretion.

1.4: All products must comply with the specifications and technical information specified in the catalogue. We only sell digital products. Pictures of boxes or CDs are for reference only.

1.5: All product prices are final and include all applicable fees and taxes.

2: Digital product policies

Digital product; Any product that can be sent electronically via SMS, email, file download or other electronic/digital methods.

Digital products include, but are not limited to:

-Activation keys for software such as computer programs, games or operating systems.

Electronic books, PDFs or other documents.

On our website, the term “License” is used synonymously with “Key” “Serial” “Code” “Activation code” “Product key”, along with other terms that describe unique codes used to activate software programs.

3: Delivery of digital products

Digital products are automatically sent to the email you send us when completing the checkout process.

When purchasing any product on Yazılımyol, you will receive two emails: A confirmation email and a second email containing the purchased key and installation instructions.

If you specified an incorrect email, we will try to contact you via email, phone or WhatsApp to complete the delivery.

Some digital products like Corel or some low-demand antivirus keys may take up to 72 hours to be delivered.

If you don’t receive the email in less than an hour, check your SPAM folder

4: Ürün kurulumu

Yazılımyol only sells activation codes. We do not sell installation discs, physical packages, or downloads of any kind. Box, gift card, sticker etc. Not sent.


We have a free knowledge base on installation instructions for each of our products. This library is publicly visible to both customers and non-customers.

All programs sold on Yazılımyol can be downloaded for free and can be downloaded from the official websites of their original developers. You do not purchase the software because it is free. You only receive an activation code.

All Yazılımyol customers are entitled to free technical support in case they cannot successfully activate their software. However, customers who want the entire process to be done by an expert must pay for the installation service.

Our website does not send unofficial download links. All links are taken from the manufacturer’s website or authorized websites.

Billing policies

Yazılımyol will send invoices to its customers who purchase products for commercial purposes. Non-business customers will receive a purchase receipt.

Changes and refund policy
Product changes

If you purchased the wrong product by mistake, you can replace it with any equivalent key from our store as long as it remains within the same price range.

If you request a change, you should not use the license key as it will be sold to another customer. If the Product has a user, you must use the login/password formatting information.

Product replacement

If the purchased key does not work on the first try, please contact our support team. You can find support contact information on the website and in the email containing the license code.

If the key does not work after following our instructions and recommendations, we will replace the code with a new one. Alternatively, if you have system compatibility issues, you can replace the product with another product that better suits your needs.

Refund policy

You can request a refund as long as the license is still unused and up to 3 days from the date of purchase.

In the event of a problematic license, we will issue a refund if the customer does not accept our assistance.

Legal information about our activation keys

Our keys are completely original and legal. They often come from recycled computers or surplus stock from computer manufacturers.

The sale and distribution of these products is completely legal and their use is not prohibited by the terms of service.

Our keys do not come from keygens and you do not need to interfere with cracks or patches for the software to work. They activate without any problems on official activation servers.

Unless stated otherwise, we are not officially affiliated with any developers of the products sold on this site and are not part of their official distribution channels.

Some product variations or support may only be provided directly by the software developer.


You agree to purchase and use these products in accordance with the terms of service of the software you are installing.

It is your responsibility to read these terms and ensure that you comply with them. Additionally, it is your responsibility to purchase the appropriate version for your intended use.

As we stated above, Yazılımyol is not officially affiliated with the manufacturers of this software and since we are only distributors of third-party license keys, not software developers, we cannot be held responsible for any material or moral damages resulting from software malfunction.

In the specific case of the OneDrive service, you agree to always keep a backup of files stored in the cloud and not to install malware or illegal content.

product warranty

Unless stated otherwise, all products on this website have a 12-month warranty from the date of purchase. Products with unlimited licenses are still subject to their makers’ TOS changes or revocations if abuse is detected.

Payment tools:

Yazılımyol accepts two main payment gateways:

-Supports credit/debit cards from most major Turkish banks.

-Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Internet payments are made via SSL secure connection. We do not have access to your financial information. After payment, a payment receipt will be generated and sent to your email. The product will reach you shortly. If you do not receive an email after payment is completed, please contact support.

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