Windows 10 Home Activation key – (5PC)

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Windows 10 Home CD-KEY (32/64 Bit) only works for Windows, not for Mac!

Please note:
Windows 7 Professional/Ultimate and Windows 8.1 Professional (including WMC) cannot be directly upgraded to Windows 10 Home by changing the product key on the Windows system. If you have these versions on your computer, you can:
– buy this Windows 10 Home edition and do a clean installation.

You can find more information about installation in the delivery email.

Buy and Download Windows 10 Home

The Windows 10 Home operating system is designed for both private individuals and more experienced customers. Many features have been updated and the interface has been revamped with a much more streamlined and user-friendly design. Special improvements have been implemented that focus on improving speed and security. Another important functionality that should not be overlooked is the ability to share and edit files on both desktop and tablet via cloud syncing features, allowing content to be updated in real-time. Downloading Windows 10 Home will be very simple and you will receive everything you need for installation via email within seconds of purchase. With the purchase and installation of Windows 10 Home, you will be able to install the latest and most up-to-date Microsoft Office 2021 Suite. We always recommend you to install an Antivirus for the security of your device, you can choose the version you want.

Security features of Windows 10 Home Operating System

Today, cybersecurity plays a more fundamental role than ever in software and internet usage. That is why the Windows 10 Home operating system has been developed and improved to provide comprehensive protection against possible attacks, viruses or malware. Windows 10 Home also has FIDO 2.0 certification. FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance is an industrial consortium established with the aim of making online authentication simultaneously safer and simpler.

Windows 10 Home gaming performance boost

Windows 10 Home operating system has been developed to offer maximum performance with 4k resolution support, games are now displayed at maximum resolution. With DirectX 12, visuals and graphics have been significantly improved. For this reason, we recommend players who want high performance of their computers and devices to download and install Windows 10 Home.


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